Ah yes, welcome to EnigmaBoard.

EnigmaBoard was once a technology discussion forum. It contained 20k posts about technology, software, games, and other nonsense. It had 3000 members, and for a time back in 2012, it was fairly active as well.

But as all things must do, EnigmaBoard's time as a technology discussion forum came to an end. Activity dwindled near the end of 2012 and despite some efforts made by Luke, EnigmaBoard hit a point where the only people posting on EnigmaBoard was Luke, one loyal member, and a bunch of spammers.

I've finally decided that there's no hope left right now for EnigmaBoard in its current form, and needs a real reboot. New software, new content, and a new focus for discussions. When will this happen though, and do you really care? I don't know, and no, you probably don't care.

Hail The Red Button, for it has finally been depressed.

Aborting mission, roger. -Luke Larris